Zack Hosseini

Atlanta Workshop Players
Alpharetta, Georgia
IMDb Bio: Zack Hosseini is an internationally award-winning filmmaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. With 8 years of experience, he has been featured by NBC News and been recognized numerous times for excellence in media production. He began his filmmaking career in 2005, when he created his first film using basic software and a web-cam. In 2007, he founded Zack Hosseini Films and his films took off. He won first place at the Georgia Technology Fair and the Fulton County Technology Fair. He would come to win first place at both six times. Four of his film also received awards for Excellence in Media Production from the International Student Media Festival. In 2009, he started YouTube and began to get widely recognized for his work. This led him to be interviewed by NBC News in the years to come. In 2010, he produced the film "Hababam Sinifi Amerika'da", which won first place at the Turkish Olympiad of the Southeast and was shown on national television in Turkey. In his spare time, he teaches filmmaking workshops at libraries in the Atlanta area to inspire young people to follow their passion. He currently attends high school in Atlanta, Georgia, and hopes to enroll in the University of Southern California as soon as he graduates.