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Laurie Jaffe

Journey to a Miracle: Freedom from Insulin
Executive Producer
Would love to talk with anyone interested in learning more about our documentary and the amazing journey behind it. The film features the life-changing stories of scientists and families who made medical history and shifted the paradigm in diabetes research. It involves the discovery of a newly understood form of diabetes that has been wrongly diagnosed as type 1 or type 2. Monogenic diabetes is not as common than the other types, and yet up to a 1/2 million Americans have it. And 95% of those don't know it! Amazingly, these people can switch their treatment from insulin shots to simply taking an inexpensive pill. Our daughter was one of the first in the US to go off insulin after the discovery was made. She has been insulin free for 9 years with perfectly normal blood sugars. We felt so incredibly blessed by the gift of this discovery that we vowed to make a documentary to raise awareness, inspire and reach others who could also be helped.

My husband Mike and daughter Lilly will also attend the screening, as well as other families whose children were also able to transition from insulin to pills.